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We strive to make sure members earn a living from their activities online.Everyone can employ themselves when they choose to.
At The Lead Pay, members get paid every month for eight month

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How It Works

Available Plan

There are four (4) different packages: Regular, Special, Manager, and Director plans. When you register, you choose the plan you want to belong and pay its equivilent registration fee. Your account is inactive until you pay this fee and then your account becomes active.

  • Refer Four (4) people with your referal link
  • Once your four referals complete registration and their account are activated, you are gaurateed earnings for two (2) months: a base amount the first month and double amount the second month
  • Once your four (4) referals in turn refer four (4) people each, your earnings continue to double for 8 months.

Our Rules

To keep earning after the first 2 months, a few rules were put in place so as to avoid a system crash caused by members choosing to fund multiple accounts at the detriment of the system. Here are the criteria that qualify you for earnings for the entire 8 months:

  • You must have 4 referrals who in turn each have 4 referrals under them
  • Any account that does not make up to 4 referrals in 60 days Expires
  • Any account that misses 2 pay periods, that is, any account that doesn't qualify for earnings for two straight months, also Expires.
  • Expired accounts will resubscribe with an additional fee to be reactivated
  • Accounts reactivated from Expired Status will still not earn till they refer 4 people
  • Member stops earning monthly pay whenever one or more of such member’s direct 4 referrals expires
  • Members keep being paid monthly as long as all of their 4 direct referrals remain active.
  • A member is active once he/she completes his registration but expires if he/she does not refer 4 people in 60 days OR has been paid for 2 months but then does not qualify to earn for the next 2 straight months

Referals/Monthly Earnings

With your referral link you can refer your friends to register under you. You can refer a maximum of 4 people. Once you have 4 direct referrals, any new person who registers via your referral link will be allocated automatically by the system to fall under any of your downlines who does not have up to 4 referrals under him/her. This ensures members can help their downlines qualify for monthly earnings as well.

Upon registration you will be required to enter your bank or bitcoin wallet information. Whatever account information you provide will be where your monthly earnings will be paid by our payors. Members who provide bank details and bitcoin wallets can indicate monthly where they want to receive their payment. Earnings are paid on the last Monday of every month.

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Why Us


We stive to make sure all our members are satisfied

Prompt Payment

Payments are made to member promptly

24/7 Online Support

Our Admin and agent are always available to respond to queries


Buying and Selling of Bitcoin

Members who at any point wish to convert their accumulated bitcoin or bitcoin earned from other sources can contact support or trade here

Our Plans/Payment

Below are the available plans and monthly payment

  • Regular

    $20 Registration Fee
    • $10 - 1st Month
    • $20 - 2nd Month
    • $40 - 3rd Month
    • $80- 4th Month
    • $160 - 5th Month
    • $320 - 6th Month
    • $640 - 7th Month
    • $1280 - 8th Month
  • Special

    $30 Registration Fee
    • $20 - 1st Month
    • $40 - 2nd Month
    • $80 - 3rd Month
    • $160 - 4th Month
    • $320 - 5th Month
    • $640 - 6th Month
    • $1280 - 7th Month
    • $2560 - 8th Month
  • Manager

    $40 Registration Fee
    • $30 - 1st Month
    • $60 - 2nd Month
    • $120 - 3rd Month
    • $240 - 5th Month
    • $480 - 6th Month
    • $960 - 7th Month
    • $1920 - 8th Month
    • $3840 - 8th Month
  • Director

    • $50 - 1st Month
    • $100 - 2nd Month
    • $200 - 3rd Month
    • $400 - 5th Month
    • $800 - 6th Month
    • $1600 - 7th Month
    • $3200 - 8th Month
    • $6400 - 8th Month

Our Members Testimonials


TheLeadPay is owned by a consortium of individual investors who co-joined funds to create a system that multiplies funds for members and for themselves every month.

TheLeadPay started as The Lead Project in June 2016 when it was operated manually and successfully ran manually. It then paused operations for a while to establish this improved platform for its members.

You pay a one-time fee to join the plan you think you can afford. When you refer 4 people you get paid some money that month and double that amount the next month. Your first two month earnings are guaranteed once you refer 4 people. Now if your 4 referrals in turn refer 4 people each, your earnings continue to double for 8 months. You can see this better illustrated on the How It Works Page of the website.

You have a maximum of 60 days from the day you register to refer 4 people. If you do not refer up to 4 people in 60 days your account expires.

You do not earn when your account expires. Your earnings also pause when any of your 4 direct referrals expires. You will be required to pay the same amount you paid to register, to reactivate your account whenever your account expires.

If any of your 4 referrals does not have up to 4 referrals your earnings pause after the 2nd month until all your 4 referrals have referred 4 people each.

You will need to replace such person(s) or encourage them to resubscribe.

No. Regular members can only refer regular members. Special members can only refer special members. Managers can only refer managers. Directors can only refer directors.

Spillover Effect. This means once you have 4 referrals and a 5th person registers with your referral link the site automatically places them under any of your downline who has less than 4 referrals under him/her. This makes referring easier as sometimes a free referral could fall under you from the activities of your upline or their uplines.

No. This is to avoid greed in the system and to promote continuity. You should not own or fund more than one account under the same plan. You can however choose to open a different account under a different plan and refer people in accordance with the plan or plans you register under.

Your account expires and you can either restart another cycle or try joining another plan.

You are paid via bitcoins deposited to your bitcoin wallet or via cash deposited directly to your bank account. You choose your payment method.

The rates are posted on the website and are communicated to members daily via the announcements box on your dashboard.

Yes you see the activities of your downlines from your dashboard. You see how many people each of your referrals have referred from your dashboard.

Yes. If at any point you do not wish to continue with TheLeadPay you can request for your account to be deleted by sending a request and reason to our support team.

This feature will be added soon but till then you can request for your upline to help you pay for your registration in bitcoin while you pay them cash if you trust them. You can also discuss with our support team and they will help you with the easiest available method to get you started.

We generate funds from the activities of referrals, reinvestment of generated sums, advert placement, and interests from investments on stocks and bonds.

It is being updated every now and then to ensure it retains the features that can enable its activities last forever.